Working towards better statistics

Accurate and comparable statistical data and social indicators are essential for responsible policy-making. Currently statistics on persons and households are collected on the basis of several legislative acts, and mainly gathered from administrative sources, but some data are also gathered from business surveys. The proposed legislation would create a common framework for social statistics and enable the further integration of statistical data into the European Semester process. Better quality and more detailed data recording and processing will contribute to better social policies both on the European and on the national level.

Tamás Meszerics is the rapporteur of the file, appointed by the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. The rapporteur represents the European Parliament in the negotiations with the European Council and the European Commission - currently the three EU institutions are engaged in trilogue negotiations on the proposed regulation. Depending on the success of the ongoing trilogue negotiations, the new legislation may be adopted this summer.


Tamás Meszerics

Tamás Meszerics

Tamás Meszerics is an assistant professor in the Political Science department of the Central European University. He is a member of the Hungarian Political Science Association. He participated in the debate of the Agenda of Politics Can Be Different (LMP) during the autumn of 2008 and he has been a member of the Party since November 2008. Between September 2009 and June 2010, he was the Secretary of the National Board of the Party, becoming a member of the Party’s National Political Committee later, holding that title until the spring of 2011. He has helped the LMP caucus as a policy adviser in foreign policy and security policy ever since the Party got elected to Parliament. He is also a member of the Board of Ecopolis (Ökopolisz), LMP’s party foundation. He has been an MEP since May 25th 2014 as a member of The Greens/EFA political group.